Payment Policy
Services Payment Policy

BILLING / INVOICES: HOSTIT bills for services in advance. Invoices are generated on the 25th of the month and are due on the 1st of the next month. Invoices for new services include prorated fees for the remainder of the month in which service begins, and the following calendar month.

MULTI-MONTH BILLING TERMS: Services invoiced on multi-month payment cycles may (Ex: quarterly, semi-annual, annual) imply a service agreement term for the duration of the billing cycle, and refunds are not provided if service is cancelled during the ‘prepaid service period’. (See Cancellation of Service below)

SERVICES: All services and ad-hoc services provided; which may be for website updates, website development, database development services, games development or data recovery services, etc, are due on delivery or within 7 days of invoicing, depending on the quotation provided. Payments for such services may be made at the end of the month, by arrangement only. In certain circumstances, HOSTIT may extended this payment term, however, this is usually only extended for non-profit organisations. Deposits on developments of any nature are not refundable unless under extraordinary circumstances.


PAYMENT DUE DATES: Fees for recurring services are due upfront on the 1st of the month. Reminder emails and / or sms are sent out. If payment is not received by the 7th of the month your services will be suspended. If your service is suspended, there is a R75.00 reactivation fee. We ask that you keep your email address and preferred contact information up to date. It is your responsibility to notify HOSTIT of any change in your contact details.

LATE FEES: Overdue account balances are subject to interest at 14%. Unless otherwise specified by written agreements or contracts, a 30-day written notification is required to cancel a service. Note, there is NO REFUND for prepaid services paid under multi-month (ex: quarterly, semi-annual, annual) billing cycles.

COLLECTION PROCEDURES: HOSTIT will pursue all reasonable means to collect balances due for services rendered, including litigation. If it is necessary to litigate, legal, servicing and execution costs will be added to the amount due HOSTIT and will be included in the amount sought for judgment.
Please note: Judgments are matters of public record and may seriously impair the ability of the adjudicated to successfully apply for future extensions of credit from any source utilizing a credit bureau for a consumer credit history.

PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED:  Please be advised that we unfortunately no longer accept cheques as a payment method. Convenient payment methods available are: Bank or Internet Transfer, Stop Order, or Cash deposit into our Bank Account or at our offices.

CURRENT POLICY: This policy is subject to change. For the most current policy please refer to our website If you have further questions regarding this policy, please direct them via to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We thank you for choosing HOSTIT as your service provider and we remain steadfastly dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of service.