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Why Encrypt Email ?

"While it's not necessary to encrypt all of your email communication, there are times you have to transmit sensitive data."

Ensure confidentiality and integrity of your email
Communication is key in today's business world and secure email communication is just smart. With the rise of identity theft businesses are becoming more and more wary of sharing sensitive information via electronic means. You can overcome this fear by encrypting all portions of your emails sent between you and your intended recipients.

Protect private and sensitive information with secure dual-layer encryption for the entire message including body and attachments.
Send and receive encrypted email messages with the click of a button using Outlook® and other common POP3 email programs.
Meet the encrypted email requirements

People are using email as an efficient way to exchange high-value documents. Documents that are for the most part, unsecure.

The Cost of Not attending to security

Unlike computer break-ins and other security problems, problems with email security are very hard to detect. You cannot tell if someone is reading your email or modifying messages subtly until it is too late. You cannot quantify the cost of email and information security problems until it is too late – imagine all of the things people write in their messages, and think twice.

Email access by SSL is not securing your email
Secure email offered by online providers is usually not encrypted when it's stored. Without encrypting your email, an employee, support vendor and hackers might be able to read your personal messages.

A sender’s and recipient’s email systems may have arbitrarily complex server configurations actually handling the delivery process, performing operations such as: backups, filtering, forwarding, queueing, etc. Any number of servers may be involved and any number of copies or backups of messages may be stored on remote computers. Now that is a scary thought.

How Email Encryption works

Encrypted Content


Who Needs Email Security?
Email encryption isn't for everyone but is critical for many. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below you should consider ensuring your privacy.

Do you exchange confidential financial or personal data via email?
Is your business in the financial, legal, or health care industries?
Are you concerned about the email privacy and security of yourself and others?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to consider ensuring your privacy email security!