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The phrase "electronic commerce" has evolved from the simple idea of electronic shopping to encompass all aspects of business and market processes enabled by the Internet and World Wide Web technologies. Let HOSTIT assist you with your e-commerce needs. We provide a complete eCommerce solution, not just a shopping trolley service. You need NOT have a Merchant bank account! HOSTIT has vast experience in eCommerce credit card enabling websites. Services include:

  • Web storefronts
  • Secure order forms
  • Secure online applications
  • Event registration
  • Online reservations
  • Payment services
  • Stock control
  • Client tracking
  • Remote site administration

HOSTIT uses the following eCommerce gateway providers

setcom Setcom is an easy, convenient and secure way to send or receive money online and on your mobile phone.

For Buyers

Use your Setcom account to pay for products and services purchased on the web or with your mobile phone. You can send payments to anyone with an email address in 200 countries and territories worldwide. It's free to send money, and works with your existing credit card, debit card, and bank account.

For Sellers

Use your Setcom account to accept payments on your website from customers worldwide, in multiple currencies. Cut down on the administrative hassles of handling fund transfers, so you can focus on your business. We take care of getting you paid. 

paypal Paypal. If you are a South African company or private person, A CHEQUE BANK ACCOUNT WITH FNB; or an Off-Shore Bank Account is required.
vcs Virtual Card Services - was established in 1996 to offer a solution to the mail order market which found conventional methods of securing large volumes of credit card payment cumbersome and costly.

You need not have a Merchant bank account in order to credit card enable your website. Whether you have a single product to sell or thousands we can help you get your products online, quickly, securely and professionally, with detailed access to sales records and transaction information.

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